E-News 4, 2023

For more than 60 years now, VPC has worked tirelessly with Victorian school parents. That we are still here today is a testament to the hard work and support of parents, schools and parent associations across Victoria.
We are a not-for-profit, ACNC registered Charity Organisation and are driven by the commitment of a small group of volunteers.
You can be involved as a parent, guardian, school, teacher or business; we love to collaborate with all those who are passionate about supporting children through education, from babies through to adulthood and beyond.
If you would like to join, don’t hesitate to contact us at
Whether it’s once a week or once in a while, we welcome your involvement.

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VPC is a registered charity dedicated to everyone
who support Parents in educating their children

Dear VPC Community,      

There is so much happening at VPC that we needed another E-News to share with you the upcoming events, new blogs and our recent research collaboration, with opportunities for parents and educators to participate.

We are very excited that Evelyn M Field OAM, FAPS, author of “Harry the Bully Blocker goes to School”,  will be our #VPCLive guest next week on Thursday 14 September 2023. Parents often contact us about bullying issues that their children experience at school. Evelyn will address how parents can teach their children to use bully blocking skills effectively. 

Another issue the VPC is regularly contacted about is “School Refusal”. What is becoming apparent is that the condition is far more complex and nuanced than a student merely refusing to attend school. The Australian Senate recently concluded an inquiry into “The national trend of school refusal and related matters”. Diana Daou has prepared a blog summarising the findings of the inquiry: Understanding School Refusal: A Deeper Look at the Australian Senate’s Report.
Throughout this blog and the Senate’s report the issue at hand is referred to as “School Refusal”. The VPC would like to acknowledge that this term may not fairly represent the experience of some parents and students as in many cases students are unable to attend school, rather than refusing. 

We acknowledge that in many cases a more suitable name for this experience could be, for example “School Reluctance”, “School Phobia” or “School Can’t”.

To assist parents with this challenging matter VPC has invited A/Prof Glenn Melvin from School of Psychology, Deakin University to speak to us on this topic #VPCLive, upcoming Monday, 11 September 2023

He will address the following:

– What is school refusal? 

– What are the signs of risk factors and warning signs of school refusal?

– What steps can parents take if their child or teen is struggling with school refusal?

– Key messages from the Senate report relevant to parents and families? 

Over the years, VPC has collaborated in various research projects. The VPC continues it’s interest in research, and we are fortunate to be working with  A/Prof Glenn Melvin from Deakin University, and A/Prof Lisa McKay-Brown from Melbourne University and Dr Matthew White from ACU on the following topical study: “Parent and school staff perceptions of school attendance and non-attendance”

This project is aiming to understand parent and school staff perceptions of school attendance and non-attendance. For the first part of this project we kindly ask you to complete the Parents and School Staff – Survey. 

In addition to her blogs, Diana Daou, will also return with two useful #VPCLive Events, all around the upcoming exam time: Creating a Roadmap to Exams and Exam Day- before, during and after, see below

VPC is a volunteer non-profit charity organisation, and we are always looking for volunteers willing to share their talent. Please consider an active role at the VPC, all are welcome.

Sincerely,Eveline Jona, VPC President
Victorian Parents Council Inc 
The Vibrant Parent Community Est.1959

#VPCLive Events 

We have a number of #VPCLive events coming up. 

You can see more information and registration details here:

Monday, 11 September  @ 7.30pm #VPCLive – “I can’t go” – Insights into School Can’t, Refusal and Reluctance

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Thursday 14 September  @ 7.30pm #VPCLive – Bully Blocking Skills for Parents -Evelyn M Field, OAM FAPS

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Thursday 21 September  @ 7.30pm #VPCLive – Creating a Roadmap for VCE- Diana Daou

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Thursday 12 October @ 7.30pm #VPCLIVE:  Exam Day – before, during & after – Diana Daou

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VPC Blogs 

Check out our most recent new VPC blogs

Understanding School Refusal: A Deeper Look at the Australian Senate’s Report

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#VPCLive On-Demand  

In case you missed it! #VPCLive On Demand events are available here:

  VPC is diverse, inclusive, and independent.
We welcome you all to joining us.

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We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.