The Benefits of Partnering with VPC

A  School* and/or  School Parents’ Association* Partnership offers several benefits every year to both schools and school parent bodies in Victorian non-government schools. With over 60 years experience in advocating for parents and assisting government policy enquiries, we are well positioned to partner with schools and or Parents Associations that want more for their school community. 

Victorian Government schools and other non-Victorian Schools are welcome to apply here.


VPC school partnerships are governed by the size of the student body

VPC School Partnership Benefits 2020

  • Policy and advocacy

  • VPC gives your views voice

  • VPC represents the views of parents to governments and other school education stakeholders

  • You have an opportunity to influence VPC’s policy positions

  • You have an opportunity to shape VPC’s submissions on governments’ education policies, regulation, governance and funding

  • Training opportunities

  • VPC supports your educators’ and parents’ continuous development through training for educators available at discounted prices

  • Several Parent training opportunities available at discounted prices***via individual membership

VPC Events for School Communities

VPC engages your school and parent body by giving you up to two free tickets** to one seminar** per partnership year for you to allocate to staff and members of your parent body as you see fit. These events engage with expert speakers who focus on areas of concern for anyone helping children with education. 

We provide early notice of VPC seminars or events of interest to your parents and staff. As a ‘Partner’ you have opportunities to co-host events with VPC, at a negotiated rate and/or for in-kind support.


VPC keeps your school community informed and up-to-date through the regular sharing of content on contemporary issues of parental concern through our social media channels.

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We deliver regular e-news during the school year rich in content which we encourage you to share with your school community (As s Partner we will provide a hyperlinked copy for you to pass on)

VPC Promotional Advantages

VPC promotes your school and parent body by allowing your school and/or parent body to place a hyperlinked logo on the VPC website offering you the opportunity to advertise your school and/or parent body in our e-news at a negotiated price. 

In addition, under development is an initiative to enable the sharing of content on the VPC website on how schools are engaging with parents. The intent is that we will publish the best parental engagement contribution in our e-news and promote the same through our communication channels.

VPC Networking Reach

VPC grows the networks of parents and educators by convening networking events on and /or offline and facilitating your connections with others through our communication channels. This  includes social media, podcasts and webinars.

Please note the following policy regulations apply. 

* Only for non-government schools in Victoria. Victorian Government schools and other non-Victorian Schools are welcome to apply as an Entity Member here.
Seminar choice decided by committee, one seminar only till Dec 2020
*** not individual (parent, carer, teacher etc.) training, see individual membership