Individual Entity Member ***
Policy and Advocacy VPC gives your view voice
VPC represents the views of parents to governments and other school education stakeholders
you have an opportunity to influence VPC’s policy positions by actively engaging with our communication channels
you have an opportunity to shape VPC’s submissions on governments’ education policies, regulation, governance and funding ***
Training Opportunities (flyer) VPC support your continuous development through
access to training and parent support opportunities exclusive to VPC
discounted prices for training and parent support opportunities
Events VPC engage you by
offering discounted prices for other VPC events (the details of which are shared through our communication channels)*****
Communications VPC keeps you informed and up – to – date through
parent information and resources (including podcasts and webinars) accessible to members and partners only through our website Restricted access Restricted access
the regular sharing of content on contemporary issues of parental concern through our social member channels (we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube)
receiving regular E-news per year exclusive to VPC members and partners
Networks VPC growth your networks by
convening parent networking events (on &/or offline)
facilitating your connections with others through our communication channels, including social media, podcasts and webinars
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* Membership fees are Including GST, membership till 31 December 2020 ** fee is exclusive GST

*** Full individual membership, all parents, carers and teachers are welcome to join the VPC, however only Victorian non- government school parents/carers/ individuals and others on discretion of the Committee can join the VPC Committee and have voting rights (after VPC Committee approval)

**** For organisations who support VPC but cannot join under another category or as partners, note that this option is not available for Victorian Non—Government Schools and after Committee approval (no voting rights, cannot join VPC Committee)

***** For some events, not all, e.g. for a parent event, webinar etc.