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Mental health Services in Victoria

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PASCO  Parent and School Council Organisation

Parent Engagement in Learning

VPC offers various Professional Development options in Parent Engagement in Learning, from a Twilight session up to 1-2 days PD sessions.

VPC and VPC facilitator Caz Batson will discuss with you your needs, develop a plan to offer you a more tailored PD experience for your school, community and other settings. 

▶  Supporting Home Based Learning
▶  A Mud Map of the Family – School Partnership Framework

Parents and Schools Working Together

Is a teacher professional development program designed to develop teachers’ knowledge and skills in working effectively with parents of the children that they teach.

Program materials are based on a broad evidence base from Australian and international research.

The modules are accredited for 5 hours each and are delivered online with interactive discussions, a live web conference for each module, (which is recorded so participants can access it again if required), downloadable resources and a reflective journal.

The modules are:

  • Understanding Parent Engagement
  • Communication
  • Home-School Conflict
  • Transitions
  • Creating a Welcoming School

Educators and School Partners receive up to a 20% discount. Contact VPC for more information.

▶  Parents and School Working Together Module.