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Conversations About Parent Engagement

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In this interview we hear from Debbie Pushor PhD. Professor, Department of Curriculum Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Debbie has engaged in narrative inquiries into parent engagement and leadership, a curriculum of parents, and parent knowledge. In her undergraduate and graduate teaching, Debbie makes central an often absent or underrepresented conversation about the positioning of parents in relation to school landscapes. Debbie, in collaboration with the Parent Engagement Collaboratives I and II, published, Portals of Promise: Transforming Beliefs and Practices through a Curriculum of Parents (Sense Publishers, 2013) and Living as Mapmakers: Charting a Course with Children Guided by Parent Knowledge (Sense Publishers, 2015).

Debbie will be the keynote presenter at the VPC Parent, School and Community Engagement in Student Learning Seminar-Workshops on 23 August 2018 at Brighton Grammar School for more details and ticket bookings go to our booking page here.


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