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Amanda is an experienced academic life coach, executive function coach and organising expert who works closely with schools and students to ensure they are equipped with simple and effective organisational, time management and study skills, which are key to their success and enjoyment at school and in life. She regularly speaks and conducts workshops for students from Year 6-12 and in particular with a focus on the transition of students between primary and secondary school. Amanda’s workshops range from speaking to small and large student groups with the topics focusing on educating and providing students with practical tips and strategies to assist them with their academic lives.

She is a regular speaker at a variety of conferences, workshops and panels and is becoming well known for her expert knowledge and experience in these key topics. Amanda’s audiences, particularly parents, appreciate her content rich tips and strategies enabling them to be better equipped to face the challenges they and their children confront today. | Ep27 VPC – Homework and Study with Amanda Lecaudé


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